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St. Chux Derby Crew is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization proudly supported by local businesses and the work of volunteers to cover the many costs of running the team ranging from rink rental and equipment costs to community event fees and team training. We work hard to provide exceptional value and exposure to our sponsors with multimedia efforts to ensure ample benefits for your business. Contact us to make your tax deductible donation today!


Shop SCDC Merch

Our merch is 100% designed by SCDC players, and every single dollar goes right back into keeping the team rocking the rink. Grab some of our rad merch today to rep your favorite St. Charles roller derby team!


Support St. Chux Derby Crew while promoting your business with a sponsorship package today! We work closely with our sponsors to ensure your marketing goals are met with engaging, innovative content tailored to your target demographic. Contact us today to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, or download or sponsorship packet to learn now!


Make a Donation

It's through the generosity of our community supporters that St. Chux Derby Crew is able to continue functioning. Make a small donation today to support your favorite local roller derby team!

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